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About The Breed

The American Black Hereford Association was established as a non-profit corporation in 1994, by the late John Gage. The first Black Herefords to qualify for registration were recorded in 1997. In 2003 the Black Hereford received international breed designation by the National Association of Animal Breeds. By 2005 the association implemented its own EPD ratios for individual animals. These EPD (Expected Progeny Difference) ratios help producers use performance data collected from each animal and its offspring to accurately predict the performance of future offspring. The ABHA is experiencing strong growth throughout the United States with a surge in both breeder membership and animals registered

Many cattle breeders desire the traits of the Red Hereford cattle, but want black cattle, as black cattle tend to bring more money at market. Angus are known for higher quality carcasses. Breeders like to cross Herefords, also known for good marbling, with Angus, even better quality grading cattle to get better meat quality and black hide if possible. Feed lot buyers will pay a premium for black hided cattle, because they have a better chance at a higher Quality grade (High Choice or Prime) than other hided cattle. Also, many breeders want to introduce Hereford type traits into their black cattle while maintaining the black color. The Black Hereford allows breeders to accomplish both of these goals. The Black Hereford is an efficient, docile cattle breed used mainly to produce beef.

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