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Crazy R Black Herefords was established in January of 2020. Even though we were established in 2020, I am a 4th generation rancher and the skills and knowledge have been passed down to me from my Granddad and Uncle over many years. In 2020 my wife Micah and I decided to start our own ranch and chose to raise Registered Black Herefords because the breed was still small enough where we could make a difference but, has the potential to take the cattle industry by storm. High percentage Black Herefords which we raise here have all the same benefits as a Hereford, without the risk of throwing red calves.  



At Crazy R Ranch we’re dedicated to producing the best, most efficient cattle that we can. We chose to work with some of the top producers in the ABHA, to study genetics and research the best possible pairings to maximize both genetic potential and heterosis to pass on to your herd. Stay tuned, were going to be adding some exciting new genetics to our herd next year.


Our vision starts with us using the best possible genetic pairings to create animals that are structurally sound, maternal, fertile, docile and have longevity. The goal is to become the number one breeder of Black Herefords in the United States, a goal which will not come easy but, we are up to the Challenge.

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